Company Profile

About OTM Fx

The investors get access to over a hundred CFD financial instruments including Forex, Precious Metal, Crude Oil and Indices. All the instruments can be executed on one platform and offer the best opportunities to all the investors.

  • Forex: We offer 43 currency pairs – majors, crosses, and exotics. Ultra tight spreads on major pairs including EUR/USD, USD/JPY, and GBP/USD.

  • Precious Metal: We offer gold and silver trading, which are highly liquid markets.

  • Crude Oil: We offer WTI Oil CFD trading, which is one of the most popular trading commodities.

  • Indices: We offer 15 kinds of shares indices CFDs from US, Europe, and Asia.

  • Cryptocurrencies: We offer cryptocurrencies CFDs which include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple.

  • Shares CFDs: We offer 50 major US and German shares, including famous enterprises like Apple, Amazon, etc..

Trading Mode

Today’s investors require extremely tight spreads, deep liquidity, market transparency , anonymous trading, low slippage and latency. However it is not easy to meet all these requirements ,especially the investors demands differently on pricing and trading execution. STP mode enables brokers to corporate with all the liquity providers to set up the most competible bid and ask price to the clients. High transaction volume stimulates liquity provides to offer advanced leverages to excute the clients’ orders. STP provides the best trading enviorment to meet the clients’ satisfaction with the effective liquidity between price providers and receivers.

Fund Safety

Segregated Funds
Clients’ funds are segregated completely with the operational funds of the company and kept in different banks, and audited by the regulatory authorities.

Finance Operation Safety
Our self-developed automotive accounting system allows clients complete withdrawal only if the clients’ identities matches the accounts’ ownership, meanwhile we hasve established partnerships with professional audit organization EY to ensure all the finance transparent.

Fast and Safe Deposit and Withdrawal
We are constantly striving to offer the clients safe, fast and high quality withdraw procedures.

Message from CEO

Our online services have been streamlined with our client base in mind. In these days of daunting and complex financial money markets; let OTM Fx be your gateway to straightforward foreign exchange, commodities and CFD trading. We aim to deliver a clear-cut professional service that leaves you with the simple choice of what to buy and what to sell- leaving you in total control of your trading. Our dedicated team work hard to meet your requirements and exceed your expectations. It is important to us that our clients think we’re the best. We’ll certainly keep striving for that.